Teodora e Giustiniano Suite

Teodorico e Amalasunta suite

Teodorico e Amalasunta suite

B & B Casa Masoli Ravenna City Center, the best place to stay, ever !
October 2019 Biennale del Mosaico with exhibitions throughout the city

Located in the heart of the old town of Ravenna, Casa Masoli B&B is a very special place from where guests can easily reach on foot all the Byzantine mosaics and the monuments nominated by the Unesco cultural world heritage:

Basilica of San Vitale and Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, Neonian Baptistery and Archiepiscopal Museum, Basilica of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo, Basilica of Sant'Apollinare in Classe, Mausoleum of Theoderic, Arian Baptistery, Domus of the Stone Carpets and last but not least Dante's tomb and Quadrarco of Braccioforte.

Ravenna a city to be discovered, in addition to the mosaics, churches and wonderful corners awaits you a wonderful reception of all kinds of prestigious cultural events. Ravenna Festival, September Dante and much more .... do not forget the Mirabilandia Park and the Sea just 10 minutes by car..
The whole house is treated in every detail, the furnishings and details are truly unique to make your holiday unforgettable

The residence with its fresco paintings and vault ceilings was built in the eighteenth century by the ancient Ravenna family Rasponi-Bonanzi. 
"Hotel facilities,  Feel like at Home"

The ancient building is composed of six bedrooms and spacious, bright suites, each different from the others in colour, brocades and period furniture. Every room, named after the present owners, is endowed with private bathroom with shower or bath, air conditioning, minibar and flat TV with many foreign channel like BBC news, ZDF, France 24 and many more

Masoli's family collects works of the famous Ravenna's artist Ruffini, therefore, guests can admire wash- paintings, lithograph and drawings of the famous painter in every room of the house. Breakfast is served in a 19th century fresco painted room, consisting of a rich buffet with sweet and savoury selected products: hot and cold drinks, cereals, yoghurt, assorted marmalades and jams, Italian honey, toasted biscuits, fresh bread and croissants, cakes, biscuits and seasonal fruits. A selection of savoury typical local products such as cold cuts, cheeses, piadina and eggs on demand is also served.

Breakfast can also be requested with products without gluten and with soya milk.

Casa Masoli is the ideal place for those who prefer the atmosphere of a private house with quality service.

Our services are considered to customise your welcome: a library with more than 200 pieces, also in foreign language, an information area where information on our territory is provided.  All rooms treated in every detail to make your holiday unique in an atmosphere of other times

Casa Masoli is located in via G.Rossi 22, to reach us follow the directions for Ravenna centre and train station.

The road is passable by car and has a private garage and public parking. 

We arrange upon request Byzantine mosaic courses under the supervision of famous Ravenna's craftsmen !!!

Significant changes in Byzantine art coincided with the reign of Justinian I (527–565). Justinian devoted much of his reign to reconquering Italy, North Africa and Spain. He also laid the foundations of the imperial absolutism of the Byzantine state, codifying its laws and imposing his religious views on all his subjects by law.

A significant component of Justinian's project of imperial renovation was a massive building program, which was described in a book, the Buildings, written by Justinian's court historian, Procopius.[26] Justinian renovated, rebuilt, or founded anew countless churches within Constantinople, including Hagia Sophia, which had been destroyed during the Nika riots, the Church of the Holy Apostles,[28] and the Church of Saints Sergius and Bacchus. Justinian also built a number of churches and fortifications outside of the imperial capital, including Saint Catherine's Monastery on Mount Sinai in Egypt,  and the Basilica of St. John in Ephesus.

Theodora (Greek: Θεοδώρα; c. 500 – 28 June 548) was empress of the Byzantine Empire and the wife of Emperor Justinian I. She was one of the most influential and powerful of the Byzantine empresses. Some sources mention her as empress regnant with Justinian I as her co-regent. Along with her husband, she is a saint in the Eastern Orthodox Church, commemorated on November 14.

For our guests with Cyrillic alphabet

Кровать и завтрак Casa Masoli Бутик в Равенне, атмосфера прошлого вовлекут вас в историческом центре и нескольких шагах от византийских мозаик Сан-Витале и Галлы Плацидии, Музея и архиепископом Сант-класса. Все номера все разные для праздника мечты, завтрак подается с заботой и вниманием, с пирогами, холодных мясных блюд, тоста, чая, кофе и капучино лучшее, что вы никогда не найдете. В & B Casa Masoli, идеальное решение посетить Равенну.
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For our guests with Japanese alphabet

ラヴェンナのベッド&ブレックファーストのカサMasoliブティック、過去の雰囲気は歴史的な中心部にあなたを必要とし、サン·ヴィターレとガラプラキディア、博物館、Sant'apollinareクラスの大司教のビザンチンのモザイクからのステップになります。朝食はケーキ、ハム、トースト、紅茶、コーヒー、カプチーノはあなたが見つける最もよいであるとともに、ケアと注意を添えて、すべての客室には、すべての夢の休日のために異なっている。 B&BカサMasoli、ラヴェンナを訪問するのに最適なソリューションを提供します。