Services at Home  &  Mosaic Courses in Ravenna

In order to start your day Casa Masoli offers breakfast in a beautiful room with a rich sweet and savory buffet of selected products: hot and cold drinks, cereals, yogurt and assorted jams, honey, Italian, biscuits, fresh bread, brioches fresh, cakes, biscuits and seasonal fruit.
We serve a savory selection of typical local products such as meats, cheeses, flat bread and eggs on request. Breakfast can be served on request also with gluten-free and soy milk.
The breakfast is served from 8.00 am to 10.00 am

  • Wi Fi
  • Internet Point
  • Reservation hairdresser
  • Restaurant reservation
  • Laundry fast 24 hours
  • Floral service at home

Room service:

  • Safe
  • Hair drier
  • Minibar 
  • The corner
  • No smokingin all rooms 
  • TV
    BBC news, ZDF,  France 24, TVRus Europe,  EuroNews


Just for you: Within the beautiful setting of Casa Masoli will have chance to enjoy a night of elegance and luxury. In your room you will be received a prestigious service: a bottle of champagne on ice with 2 flutes, a tray of fresh fruit and homemade chocolate. € 40,00 per room.
Mirabilandia: custom packages on request

CREATE YOUR OWN MOSAIC JEWELRY: we organize courses with our partner (Barbara Liverani Studio) close side by side to Casa Masoli

ABOUT Barbara
I was born in Ravenna and I have been a mosaic artist for 18 years but l've always been creative. I have a mosaic studio in the center of town where I use
this technique to make unique jeweIry and various househoId objects that are valued alI over the world.

Learn to make a little mosaic to create a piece of jeweIry.

I'll briefly expIain the materiaIs and techniques of byzantine mosaics. I will teach you to cut glass and guide you in the creation of a jeweIry base that will then be completed with beads, jump rings and clasps to create a unique ready to wear pìece, for you or to give as a gift. 

You can waIk here in 10 minutes from the train station or come by Wlr. At the end of G.Rossi, on the rìght, there is ampIe pay parking at €0.50 an hour.

The workshop is held in my studio, an authentic Italian bottega. It is a colourful and cozy, well equipped space that is 1ike a second home to me. l'm sure you'll
love it My cat Ciuci will keep us company. When she's not sleeping she watches every step of the process of jewelry making.

Water and juice
TooIs and materials
Cappuccino and snacks
Let me know if you prefer soy milk and vegan snacks

Those who need them shouId bring glasses since the work will be quite detaìled. otherwise I can provide them.

In the studio there is a very friendly cat. We will be working with glass and it is possible to get a cut. Don't worry we have disinfectant and Band-Aìds.    
The studio is open to the public.

Guests should feel comfortabIe around cats and not be allergic to them.